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Introducing Neevo™ Smart Grills by Nexgrill

Introducing Neevo™ Smart Grills, a new line of smart grills by Nexgrill.

Ready for a New Evolution in Grilling?: Introducing Neevo™ Smart Grills

Two new additions to the Nexgrill family have arrived! Introducing the Neevo™ 720 Smart Grill and Neevo™ 720 Plus Smart Grill with Air Fryer by Nexgrill. The game-changing smart grills that broil, bake, air-fry, and sear with epic precision. Removing all guesswork from grilling once and for all! 

Surprise your family with features like NEX-fi™ smart technology, Auto Warm and Self-Clean Modes, a built-in Air Fryer and other cool specs you never thought would be available on a grill. With two incredible models available, there’s really only one question – which one will get to go home with you?

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is a smart grill, and why is it so popular?
  • The complete lineup of new Neevo™ Smart Grills by Nexgrill
  • Exciting new features like the NEX-fi™ enabled SureTemp™ controller

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What is a Smart Grill?

It’s a grill with all the thrilling features you’d expect from a next-generation grill… and then some! Smart grills use app-connected technology that let you digitally monitor and regulate food temperature, select cooking modes, and get real-time alerts – delivered straight to your smartphone.

What Makes a Smart Grill Superior to Traditional Gas or Charcoal Grills?

When it comes to cooking on ordinary grills, a lot of time and patience is required – not to mention skill – to get that dish perfectly cooked. A smart grill uses digital technology that allows you to better control and monitor the turnout of your cookout. Want the best of both worlds? Easy! Neevo™ Smart Grills can also fire up the old-fashioned way, with no app or automation required.

Nexgrill Introduces Two Neevo™ Smart Grills to Choose From

The first is the Neevo™ 720 Smart Grill, and the other – the Neevo™ 720 Plus Smart Grill and Air Fryer. Both versions offer the same advanced functionality, while the Plus version introduces an Air Fryer that will take your cookouts to a whole new level.

Neevo™ 720 Smart Grill

Introducing The Neevo 720 Smart Grill

Introducing the Neevo 720 Smart Grill by Nexgrill. The game-changing smart grill that broils, bakes, and sears with epic precision.

Neevo™ 720 Plus Smart Grill + Air Fryer

Introducing The Neevo 720 Plus Smart Grill + Air Fryer

Introducing the Neevo™ 720 Plus Smart Grill with Air Fryer by Nexgrill. The game-changing smart grill that broils, bakes, air-fries, and sears like a boss. Featuring a built-in air fryer with seven cooking modes that combine to deliver crispy, crunchy sides and appetizers.

Maintain the Perfect Temperature with the NEX-fi™ Enabled SureTemp™ Controller

WiFi enabled. Bluetooth ready. Smart grilling technology takes a turn for the absolute best.

Neevo™ comes equipped with a NEX-fi™ enabled SureTemp™ controller, a state-of-the-art LED control panel that operates on a finely tuned algorithm that can maintain even cooking temperatures for hours!  

That means no more fiddling with knobs to maintain your grill’s internal temperature. Simply connect the Nexgrill app through NEX-fi™, connect your probes, set your grill’s temperature, and let the Neevo™ Smart Grill’s two cooking zones with 44,000 BTUs of grilling power do the rest!

Fire Up a Feast with 455.8 sq. in. Main Cooking Space

Enter an exciting new era of grilling with plenty of room to spare. Under the main lid is a massive 455.8 square inches of grilling space that lets you fire up a whole feast with dynamic precision control.  

In addition, your new smart grill comes with oversized side shelves on each side – equipped with accessory hooks that offer a convenient spot for food preparation and tool storage.

Grill, Bake, Air-fry and Sear - All From Your Smartphone

The Nexgrill app displays your timer, grill temperature, and food’s internal temperature on your smartphone – allowing you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the cookout. Once your food reaches its target temperature, the Auto-Warm Mode kicks in to automatically lower the temperature to 180 degrees until you’re ready to plate.

Save Hours of Scrubbing with Self-Cleaning Mode

When grilling time is over, the Neevo™ Smart Grill’s Self-Clean Mode saves you from hours of scrubbing grilled-on grease and food residue. 

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, your Neevo™ Smart Grill will shut down automatically and be primed and ready to grill for your next cookout. Once it’s finally time to put your grill away, heavy-duty wheels and casters make transporting your new smart grill a breeze.

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Just when you thought backyard BBQs couldn't get any better, all-new Neevo™ Smart Grills from Nexgrill deliver a surefire way to cook up legendary feasts with digital control and epic precision. Plus, new Neevo™ Smart Grills come with a 5-year main burner warranty to ensure peak performance for seasons to come.

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