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Gifting Guide: 3 Jolly Ways to Present a Nexgrill This Holiday Season

Gifting Guide: 3 Jolly Ways to Present a Nexgrill This Holiday Season

nexgrill stocking mitt hung

Well, Nexgrillers—the holiday season is officially upon us. And like so many others this year, you’ve decided to present a loved one with perhaps the greatest gift of them all: a shiny, new Nexgrill.
Good on you!

Gifting a Nexgrill is more than a one and done affair. Rather, a Nexgrill keeps on giving all year long. That means each time a Nexgriller fires up their grill, he or she will think back to that fateful December morning when they first laid eyes on the #bestgiftever.

That’s right. Every flavor they create, bite they savor, and memory they make with this blazing beauty is in part thanks to you—the Nexgifter. If that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, then shoot—what will?!

Today, we’re here to help make your Nexgifting experience as memorable as possible. So bust out your favorite wrapping paper! Here are three fun and different ways you can present a Nexgrill this holiday season.

The Big Bow

big bow on nexgrill grill

You may have to wake up extra early for this one, but the look on their face will be worth it.

To pull off the Big Bow:

  1. Set an early alarm.
  2. Tip-toe downstairs.
  3. Assemble your Nexgrill out on your patio.Need assembly instructions?
    Check your manual, or download them at
  4. Pop an oversized bow like this on the lid.
  5. Try to contain your excitement.

Once all other gifts are opened, casually suggest looking out the back window. They won’t know what hit ‘em.

Gift Within a Grill

christmas present inside the nexgrill grill

Just like the Big Bow, you’ll need to preassemble your Nexgrill to pull off the Gift Within a Grill.

This time, however, instead of popping a bow on the lid and calling it quits, you’ll want to hide even more grilling gear inside your Nexgrill’s cabinet.

Maybe it’s a pizza stone so you can grill up some insane holiday cookies .

Maybe it’s a few grill tools, so your Nexgriller can start off the new year with a fresh set.

You really can’t go wrong here. Because what’s better than a single gift? A gift within a grill, of course.

Under the Tree

nexgrill grill under the christmas tree

Under the Tree is a classic—a crowd-pleaser—kind of like a medium-rare ribeye.

Will you get style points for wrapping a box and popping it under a tree? Probably not. But when the gift hits the spot, no one’s going to call you out for a lack of imagination.

Thus, if your holiday traditions involve a tree, this tried and true method’s tough to beat. Simply find the perfect Nexgrill at a Home Depot near you, wrap, and stash. If you have to trim off a few more rows of branches, so be it.

Bonus: More times than not, a Nexgrill will be “the big gift” under your tree. And let’s be honest, the bigger the box, the more exciting the gift. That’s just science.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Forget Stocking Stuffers!

Here’s a pro tip for ya. Have your Nexgriller rifle through his or her stocking before spilling the beans about their big gift. A little bit of foreshadowing can seriously enhance your Nexgifting experience.

A spatula? Roasting sticks? S’more ingredients? A porterhouse? Surely nothing to read into here.

Bonus: Keep the kids (and everyone else, for that matter) happy with holiday morning s’mores.

nexgrill 51 inch grill covernexgrill 75 inch grill cover nexgrill 29 inch grill cover

Now that your nexgrill is wrapped and your stockings are stuffed, there’s really only one thing left to say:

Happy Holidays to Nexgrillers Everywhere!

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for grabbing a seat at our table in 2018. Wherever you’re from, however you celebrate, we hope the rest of your year is filled with warm company and delicious food.

For the record, you should know there’s absolutely no wrong way to gift a Nexgrill. These are just a few fun suggestions to spark creativity, keep things fun, and hopefully inspire you to do things a little differently this year.

Keep those grills hot for 2019. More recipes, more flavors, and more tools for tastemaking are coming to a cookout near you. In the meantime, be sure to share your Nexgifting reactions using #EveryonesInvited.

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