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Getting to Know Oakford’s SureTemp™ Controller

Getting to Know Oakford’s SureTemp™ Controller

If you’re new to pellet grilling, you’re probably looking at your Oakford’s SureTemp™ Controller and thinking… where do I even get started!?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Oakford Pellet Grills bring a ton of exciting new features to the table, and with this in-depth guide, you’ll be pulling off legendary wood-smoked barbecue in no time. In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • The button layout on Oakford’s digital controller
  • Oakford’s three pre-set cooking modes
  • How you can take the guesswork out of grilling by pairing Oakford with your smartphone

SureTemp™ Controller Button Layout

First things first, let’s walk through each button on your Oakford’s SureTemp Controller.

 Full shot of Oakford’s SureTemp™ Controller

At the top right is the Power button, which simply put, turns the grill on and off.

Below it, you’ll find the Play/Pause button, which you’ll press to either begin the ignition process or pause a program that you’re already running.

Moving to the left, we have the Temperature Unit toggle, which conveniently switches your Oakford’s temperature scale between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Followed by the Mode button, which lets you cycle between your Oakford’s three pre-set operating modes (psst… more on those later).

Moving down to the bottom row, we have the Probe toggle, which lets you cycle through up to 4 different meat probes at once.

 probes being used with Oakford

To the right of that is the Timer button, which you can use to set a cooking timer right there at the grill.

And finally, we have the Prime button, which moves pellets through the auger.

You can also use the Prime button to clear pellets from the auger when switching out pellet flavors. For example, if you wanted to change from Hickory to Apple hardwood pellets, you would use the Prime button to clear out the remaining Hickory pellets from the auger.

Simple enough, right? Let’s talk cooking modes.

Oakford’s 3 Pre-set Cooking Modes

 Pre-set cooking modes displayed on screen

Every Oakford Pellet Grill comes programmed with three pre-set cooking modes: Smoke Mode, Grill Mode, and Warm Mode.

 brisket and other large cut smoking on grill


Cooking on Smoke Mode automatically sets your grill to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and is optimal for slow-smoking large cuts of meat for an extended period of time. To initiate Smoke Mode, press the Mode button once, then press Play.

 salmon filet grilling at high heat


Grill Mode is designed for more traditional grilling purposes, automatically setting your grill to a HIGH heat setting, or 550 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for steaks, burgers, and most standard fare. To initiate Grill Mode, press the Mode button twice, then press Play.

 grill items hanging out on Warm mode


And finally, we have Warm Mode, which is pre-set to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and is specifically used to keep food warm after it’s finished grilling. To initiate warm Mode, press the Mode button three times, then press Play.

But what if you don’t want to manually check that your food’s done cooking? What if you could set a target internal temperature that, once hit, automatically switches your Oakford to Warm mode?

Well, that’s the beauty of NEX-fi technology.

Pair Oakford with Your Smartphone to Unlock its Full Grilling Potential

By pairing your Oakford with the Nexgrill app, you can sync probes, set timers, and track temperature – all from your smartphone!

To pair your grill:

1. Open the Nexgrill app on your iOS or Android device

2. Click the red plus button to search for grills

3. Select your Oakford once it’s found

From there, you can enter your Oakford’s remote dashboard where you can select pre-set cooking modes, preheat to custom temperatures, and even track your food’s internal temperature while it cooks!

 Nexgrill app homepage on phone

Then, as promised, once Probe 1 hits the target temperature of your choosing, like magic, your Oakford will automatically switch to Warm mode.

Now, how cool is that?

Just Like That, You’re a Pellet Grilling Pro!

So how’d we do? We hope this tutorial helps you feel more confident and in command of your Oakford Pellet Grill. And if for some reason it didn’t, just do what you do with a really nice brisket… give it time! After a few cookouts, you’ll be the one giving us tips.

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