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Prepping Your Oakford Pellet Grill For Its First Cookout

How to Prep Your Oakford Pellet Grill for its First Cookout

If you just brought home a brand new Oakford Pellet Grill, you’re probably tempted to run to the store, grab a brisket, and get to smoking right away.

But hold up!

Before you start impressing friends and family with the best low and slow barbecue they’ve ever tasted, it’s important that you take the time to prep and prime your new Oakford. This easy, one-time initial firing process will ensure you get the best flavor – and the longest lifespan – out of your pellet grill.

Let’s dig in!

Setting Up Your Oakford Pellet Grill

Cord plugging into outdoor outlet

1. Once you’ve removed all packaging materials from your Oakford and it’s fully assembled, go ahead and plug it into a grounded electrical outlet.

Inside view of Oakford, showcasing auger

2. Next, we’ll prime the auger tube by pressing – you guessed it – the PRIME button, which will activate your Oakford’s auger for 30 seconds at a time. Continue priming your auger until you hear pellets dropping down into the fire pot.

Hand pressing the PRIME button

3. Once primed, press and hold the PRIME button for 3 seconds to stop the priming process.

    Seasoning Your Oakford with an Initial Firing Process

    4. Now it’s time to ignite your Oakford! Using the control dial, set the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, pressing the dial to confirm the temperature. Then press PLAY/PAUSE to ignite your grill.

    Hand turning dial temperature dial to 400 degrees

    5. Now the easy part. Close the lid and let ‘er run! Be sure to monitor your Oakford while it fires for a full 30 minutes.

    Smoke billowing out of Oakford

    6. Once 30 minutes is up, press the POWER button to initiate Oakford’s automatic shutdown process.

    hand pressing the power button

      …And Now It’s Brisket Time

      Pretty darn easy, huh? With that, your Oakford Pellet Grill is all seasoned up and ready for the real thing.

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