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How to Use Your Nexgrill Turkey Fryer?


Hey everyone, there aren’t many dishes that invite everyone together like a big juicy turkey. Whether it’s a holiday feast or a special occasion, when turkey’s on the table, it’s the main event, and if you’re the one cooking it, all eyes are on you to get it right. 

No pressure, right?

Whether it’s tradition for you to make the turkey, or you’re trying it for the very first time, today we’re going to walk through how to safely deep fry a turkey using this Nexgrill Turkey Fryer. Let’s dig in.

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The Advantages of Using a Turkey Fryer

There are many advantages to using a Turkey Fryer over the oven: 

  • Your turkey will actually cook faster when it’s deep fried. 
  • Frying a turkey really helps to lock in its moisture, creating a juicy, tender inside with a crisp, delicious outside. 
  • It’s a new way to cook. Not many people use turkey fryers despite how amazing the end result can taste. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s walk through how to safely set up and use your Nexgrill Turkey Fryer.

There’s nothing like the taste of fried turkey

Safety First: Never Fry a Frozen Turkey

The first thing to know–and we can’t emphasize this part enough–is that before frying your turkey, you must thaw it completely.


If you’ve ever seen videos online of turkey fryers gone wrong, 99% of the time it’s because the turkey wasn’t thawed. You do not want to be the one who goes viral for a turkey frying incident. Be sure to thaw it completely before cooking.

For every 4-5 pounds of turkey, the USDA recommends a full 24 hours in the refrigerator to thaw. With your turkey thawed completely, remove any thermometer buttons, giblet packs, and leg holders…

Then insert the star-shaped turkey lifter into the cavity so the legs are facing upward.

Turkey Frying Tip: Insert the star-shaped turkey lifter into the cavity so the legs are facing upward

How to Measure How Much Oil to Use for Frying Your Turkey 

Next, we need to figure out the right amount of peanut oil to use to fry your turkey.

Why peanut oil? Two reasons: Because peanut oil has a higher smoke point than common cooking oils like extra virgin olive oil. This means the oil is able to reach and hold the right temperature for frying turkey–without leaving a burnt flavor. Peanut oil has a high flash point, which makes it less likely to catch fire than some other oils.

So how do you measure the amount of peanut oil you need for frying a turkey?

  1. First, lower your turkey into the empty fryer.
  2. Then fill the container with just enough water to cover your bird, making sure your water level is at least 3 inches below the top edge of the fryer.
  3. Carefully remove the turkey.
  4. Either mark the water level, or measure the amount of remaining water. This will tell you how much peanut oil you’ll need to fry your turkey.

Once that’s marked, empty the water, dry the container, and dry your turkey.

Test how much oil your turkey fryer will need by starting with water.

How to Prep Your Turkey for the Turkey Fryer

Now we’re going to prep your turkey to cook in the turkey fryer.

  • If there’s a marinade you’re using (and we highly recommend you do), it’s time to inject it into thicker areas of meat like the breasts and thighs.
  • Since the wings are smaller, they tend to cook and crisp much faster than the rest of the turkey. That’s why some people like to remove the wings and fry them separately. But that’s totally up to you.
  • Next, pat down the entire surface until it’s completely dry.
  • Apply any seasonings to the skin.

Your turkey is thawed, patted, prepped, and ready to cook.

Apply all your marinades and seasonings before using your turkey fryer

Getting Your Nexgrill Turkey Fryer Ready to Cook a Feast

Start by connecting the propane tank, making sure it doesn’t sit too close to the turkey fryer.

Make sure your propane tank isn’t too close to the turkey fryer

Check that your container is centered over the burner, then fill it with enough peanut oil to cover your turkey entirely.

Center the turkey fryer over the burner

Attach the thermometer to the side of the fryer so a few inches are submerged in the oil.

Place the turkey fryer thermometer a few inches into the oil

How to Light the Turkey Fryer

To light the burner, turn the regulator control valve to the off position, and turn the timer knob clockwise as far as it will go. Then slowly open the valve on your propane tank to open the gas supply.

For this next part, take care to keep your face and body away from the top of the cooker stand.

Light a fireplace match or a long-stemmed lighter, and place it over the burner. Then, press and hold the safety valve button while slowly opening the regulator control valve. This will release the gas and ignite the burner.

Once the burner is lit, keep holding down the safety valve for 10-15 seconds. If you don’t hold it down for 10-15 seconds, the flame will extinguish.

When you light the burner, hold down the safety valve for 10-15 seconds.

Allow the oil to heat until the thermometer reads 325 ºF (162 ºC), and never leave the fryer unattended during use. Once the oil reaches 325 ºF, you’re at the right temperature to fry.

Pro Tip: While you’re frying, if the oil temperature reaches 400 ºF (204 ºC) or if the oil begins to smoke, turn the burner off immediately and allow the oil to cool.

Safely Frying Your Turkey with a Turkey Fryer

For this next part, make sure to wear long, insulated, flame retardant gloves.

Using the lift hook, slowly lower the turkey into the oil container, unlatch the lift hook, and you’re good to go!

Unlatch the lift hook, and keep a close eye while your turkey cooks.

Here are a few extra pointers to keep in mind while your turkey is frying:

  1. Try to maintain the oil temperature at 325ºF while frying. You may need to adjust the burner to maintain this temperature.
  2. NEVER leave your turkey fryer unattended. While the burner is on and you’re cooking, someone should always have an eye on it.
  3. Cook your turkey until it’s golden brown. In hot peanut oil, it takes approximately 3 and a half minutes per pound.

Lift It Out and Let It Rest

When your turkey is done, use the lift hook to carefully remove it, and place it on a rimmed pan lined with paper towels.

Use your digital meat thermometer to check the internal temperature at the thickest parts. Your turkey is fully cooked when the internal temperature reads 180 ºF.

Remove the star lifter from your turkey and allow it to rest for 15 minutes before carving so that the juices can settle back into the meat.


There you have it. We hope this article helps you feel more confident using the Nexgrill Turkey Fryer. For more grill tips, techniques, and Que & A videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and explore more on