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How to Use Your Neevo Smart Grill's Built-In Air Fryer

How to Use Your Neevo Smart Grill's Built-In Air Fryer

Get ready to air fry, bake, broil, and toast your favorite grilled appetizers!

Whether you’re craving crispy, crunchy brussels sprouts or an at-home bloomin’ onion, the Neevo™ 720 Plus Smart Grill with Built-in Air Fryer is here to satisfy.

In this article, you’ll learn how to answer basic questions, like:

  • How do I make sense of my Neevo™ Smart Grill’s Air Oven Controller?
  • What are the cooking functions for?
  • How do I use my new air fryer in practice?

Making Sense of the Neevo Smart Grill’s Air Oven Controller

First things first. On the Neevo™ Smart Grill’s Air Oven Controller, you will find the following buttons:

  • Mode
  • Temp/Time
  • Start/Stop
  • Decrease
  • Increase
  • Mode icons
  • Heating icon

Neevo Smart Fryer

A Quick Overview of the Cooking Functions

Brussels sprouts… bacon… french fries… this thing can whip up all the hits! To make matters even more satisfying, seven different preset modes help you elevate your cookout to crispy, crunchy perfection at the touch of a button.

Plus, NEX-fi™ technology helps you monitor your air oven’s temperature and cooking time through the Nexgrill app, which conveniently pairs your smart grill to your smartphone. Here is a quick overview of all the various cooking functions:

  • Bake: This function invites cake, pie, and pastry to the cookout!

  • Convection Bake: Excellent for veggies, casseroles, and large cuts of meat, this function creates a dry atmosphere that caramelizes sugar faster than traditional baking.

  • Warm: Choosing this function keeps food toasty until you're ready to plate.

  • Air Fry: Oh yeah – the mode you’ve been waiting for! Air Fry Mode uses a higher heat range to achieve those legendary crispy sides and appetizers that take your cookouts from tasty to off the charts.

  • Broil: Great for adding color, crispness and flavor using searing heat from above. This mode is ideal for thin cuts, like London Broil or flank steak.

  • Convection Broil: This setting uses fans to circulate intense heat, speeding up the broiling process for thicker cuts.

  • Toast: The easy way to quickly toast bread and other items right there at your grill.

How to Air Fry Like a Boss

Let’s get down to the practicalities. Let’s say we want to air fry some al dente veggies to pair with a juicy steak. Here are the steps you’d take:

  1. Power on the air oven by pressing the Start/Stop button.

  2. Press Mode until you see Air Fry. Note: the Air Fry mode’s default temperature is 400°F. Have a different temp in mind? No problem. You can adjust the temperature using the Increase and Decrease buttons on your Air Oven Controller.

  3. After setting your temperature, press Temp/Time to switch over to your air oven’s Time setting. Once again, use the Increase and Decrease buttons to set your timer – up to 120 minutes. For example, if brussels sprouts are on the menu, we’ll start with 15 minutes.

  4. Now that we’ve selected our time and temperature, we’ll simply press the Start/Stop button to begin air frying.

  5. When the timer has finished its cycle, Neevo will beep three times and the heat will automatically turn off. If you need to cancel your cook in progress, you can simply press the Start/Stop button once again to pause your cook. But now that our sprouts are ready, we’ll power down the air oven by holding the Start/Stop button for three seconds.

Complement Every Cookout With the Neevo Air Fryer

There you have it! The complete guide to helping you master your new air oven and enter an exciting new era of precision grilling. No matter what’s on the menu, the Neevo™ Smart Grill with Built-in Air Fryer is here fire up the appetizers and side dishes that take your flavors and fun times to a whole new level.

 Air-fried Brussel Sprouts coming out of the Neevo Air Fryer

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