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How to Use the Neevo SureTemp™ Controller

How to Use the Neevo SureTemp™ Controller

Ready for the next evolution in grilling? The Neevo™ 720 Smart Grills bring a ton of exciting new features to the table – including Nexgrill’s state-of-the-art SureTemp™ Controller.

By helping smart grillers cook up legendary feasts with digital control and epic precision, perfection is no longer out of the question.

In this article, you’ll learn how to answer basic questions, like:

  • What does each button do on my SureTemp™ Controller?
  • How do I pair my smart grill with my smartphone?
  • What Modes are there and what does each one do?

We get these kinds of questions all the time. While the internet is filled with general tips on operating smart grills, this guide will walk you through the specific features and modes of your Neevo SureTemp™ Controller. One thing is for sure – grilling will never be the same again.

So Which Button Does What?

Neevo™ Smart Grills come equipped with a NEX-fi™ enabled SureTemp™ Controller, a cutting-edge LED control panel that operates on a finely tuned algorithm that can maintain even cooking temperatures for hours!

That means no more fiddling with knobs to maintain your grill’s internal temperature. Let’s walk through each of the main buttons on your SureTemp™ Controller:

  • Power: At the top right is the Power button, which, simply put, turns the grill on and off.

  • Mode: Next up, we have the Mode button, which lets you toggle between Neevo’s preset cooking modes (more on that a little later).

  • Zone A / Zone B: This function allows you to independently control your cooking zones.

  • Probe: This setting lets you set and track target internal temperatures for a perfect cook.

  • Timer: To the right of that is the Timer button, which you can use to set a cooking timer right there at the grill.

  • Self-Clean Mode: Finally, when grill time is over, the Neevo™ Smart Grill’s Self-Clean Mode saves you from hours of scrubbing grilled-on grease and food residue. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, your Neevo™ Smart Grill will shut down automatically and be primed and ready to grill for your next cookout.

Understanding the Preset Modes

Just when you thought grilling couldn’t get any better, Neevo’s SureTemp™ Controller provides easy access to three preset heat modes that allows you to better control your cookout: Low, Medium and High.

Steak sizzling on a Neevo™ Smart Grill

You can also use the control dial to set a custom temperature if you like, or switch to Warm Mode until you’re ready to plate.

Pairing Your Smart Grill with Your Smartphone

NEX-fi™ technology even lets you pair your Neevo™ Smart Grill with your smartphone.

To sync, simply open the Nexgrill app, connect your probes, set your grill’s temperature, and let your Neevo Smart Grill’s 44,000 BTUs of intelligent grilling power do the rest.

Follow these steps to get set up:

1. Open the Nexgrill app on your iOS or Android device

2. Click the red plus button to search for grills, then select your Neevo once it’s found.

3. Navigate to your Neevo’s remote dashboard.

4. Select a function: on the dashboard, you can switch the grill on and off, select preset cooking modes, preheat your grill to custom temperatures, and track your food’s internal temperature while it cooks. Once Probe 1 hits the target temperature of your choosing, like magic, your Neevo will automatically switch to Warm Mode.

Your Neevo’s SureTemp™ Controller is even equipped to detect mechanical issues happening inside your grill. While you’re unlikely to experience any issues, it’s always nice to know your grill can self-diagnose and that your owner’s manual offers detailed descriptions and solutions for every possible thing that can go wrong.

And just like that, you’re a smart grilling expert!

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Whether it’s to more thoroughly enjoy friends and family at your cookouts or to ensure that perfect cook every time, SureTemp™ equipped Neevo Smart Grills (720 & 720 Plus with Air Fryer) are the sure way to take your flavors and fun times to a whole new level.

Plus, both Neevo grill models come with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty so you can enjoy smart grilling for years to come!

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