17.5" Charcoal Barrel Grill with Side Shelf

Smell That Smoke

The Grill that Fits Big Flavor in Small Spaces

The Nexgrill 17.5” Charcoal Barrel Grill with Side Shelf serves up big smoky flavor without taking up a whole hog’s worth of space.

  • 349 sq. inches of total cooking space
  • 3-step charcoal tray to adjust heat exposure
  • Spring-loaded chimney for efficient air flow
  • Highly durable brimstone black PDC material
  • Sturdy side shelf for easy food prep
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Strike Up Some Flavor

Get to know Your Nexgrill

The Nexgrill 17.5” Charcoal Barrel Grill with Side Shelf packs amazing charcoal flavor into a compact yet sturdy frame. Featuring 349 sq. inches of total cooking space, the Charcoal Barrel is perfect for couples, roommates, tailgates, small gatherings, and anywhere that appetites are big but space is limited. With a 3-step charcoal tray, a spring-loaded chimney, and a built-in temperature gauge, you have more control to cook your food at just right temperatures. If you’re tight on space but big on flavor, then it’s time to make your next grill the Nexgrill 17.5” Charcoal Barrel Grill with Side Shelf.

  • Feature One

    3-step Charcoal Tray

    Beneath the grates, a 3-step adjustable charcoal tray keeps your heat source contained while offering maximum temperature control.

  • Feature Two

    Spring-loaded Chimney

    The spring-loaded chimney facilitates efficient airflow throughout the grill, consistently infusing your dishes with charcoal flavor.

  • Feature Three

    Convenient Side Shelf

    To the left of the firebox, a convenient side shelf offers plenty of room for food prep.

  • Feature Four

    Heavy Duty Wheels

    Two heavy duty wheels and a compact design make freeing up patio space a walk in the park.

Model No. 810-0063

Tech Specs


  • Assembled dimensions44"h x 31.7"w x 22.8"d
  • Casters2 wheels
  • ColorBrimstone black
  • DoorN/a
  • Flame tamersN/a
  • Halogen lightsN/a
  • Ignition systemsN/a
  • Led lightsN/a
  • Main burnersN/a
  • Main cooking gridsBlack pe steel wire
  • Main lidBrimstone black pdc
  • Natural gas optionsN/a
  • Primary cooking surface247.5 sq. in.
  • Rotisserie burnerN/a
  • Secondary cooking surface101.5 sq. in.
  • Side burnerN/a
  • Side shelvesBrimstone black pdc
  • Tank enclosureN/a
  • Temp gaugeN/a
  • Total BTUsN/a
  • Total cooking surface349 sq. in.