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How to Maintain Your Gas Grill

3 Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Old Gas Grill In Great Shape

If you use your gas grill as much as we do, you do everything you can to keep it in tip top shape. But let’s get real… grilling can get messy!

Cooking outdoors exposes your grill to the elements year round. Over time, that may lead to some wear and tear problems. So what do you do if the unthinkable happens, like:

  • What if your grill grates start to corrode?
  • What if you have a burner that goes out?
  • What if you need to replace a really specific part on the grill you bought 6-7 years ago?

We get these kinds of grill maintenance questions a lot. While the internet is filled with multiple tips and products for maintaining your grill, today we’re going to walk you through three of the easiest ways to restore your old grill to its former glory.

1. Check Your Grill’s Warranty

We don’t mean to be Captain Obvious over here, but if you purchased a gas grill from a major manufacturer like Nexgrill, odds are it came with a manufacturer warranty. 

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Some Nexgrills feature different warranty coverage depending on the model, the purchase date, and where you bought it originally. The easiest way to activate your warranty is to register your grill right when you bring it home.

Should you experience any issues while it’s under warranty (or past its warranty), getting the help you need is easy. Just email or give us a call at (800) 913.8999. We’ll talk through your coverage and help to answer any questions you may have.

Click here to register your Nexgrill.

2. Cover Your Grill and Clean It Regularly

This one might also go without saying, but if you like to grill, then a good grill cover is a worthy investment. Because no matter where you live, over time Mother Nature will find a way to affect your gas grill.

But a proper grill cover will do more to keep your grill in good shape than you might expect. It may even extend the life of your grill by years. It’s highly recommended that you pick up a grill cover for yourself.

3. If You Need a Replacement Part, Visit

stainless steel flame tamers for gas grillYou can look up and purchase replacement parts for any Nexgrill on

Have you ever heard of It has virtually every single grill replacement part you could need, from the smallest screw to the largest firebox. Plus, their catalogue covers grills that are 10, even 15 years old! (And it’s not just limited to Nexgrills!)

To find any replacement part for your grill, look up your grill model on

There you have it. 3 easy tips for maintaining your gas grill. We hope this helps you enjoy season after season of fun, friends, and flavor. For more grill tips, techniques, and Que & A videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and explore on