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Getting The Most From Your Grill Warranty

Getting the Most From Your Nexgrill Warranty

know your nexgrill manufacturer warranty

At Nexgrill, dependability is sort of our thing. We manufacture every grill and grill accessory with great care to ensure that you have a long-lasting, positive experience with every product that carries the Nexgrill name.

The truth is, grilling can be an awfully dirty business. You’re cooking in the outdoors, surrounded by natural elements, heating raw foods, burning off grease and fat, and bringing together all manner of spices, rubs and seasonings. Over time, there may come a point when one or more of the components on your Nexgrill doesn’t work like new.

That’s why it’s important to know about your grill’s warranty. The manufacturer warranty on your Nexgrill protects you in case one of its components fails due to a defecting material or workmanship.

Let’s run through some helpful tips to make sure your getting the most value out of your warranty.

How To Request Warranty Service For Your Nexgrill

There are multiple ways to request warranty service:

In either case, we ask that you supply the model number, serial number and date that the grill was originally purchased. Once we can validate that your grill is still under active coverage, we’ll ask for your address to send any replacement parts that you require.

Start By Registering Your Grill on

The single most helpful thing you can do to ensure your Nexgrill is covered under warranty is to register your grill on

When you register your grill with us, we’ll ask you to provide an image of your receipt so that we know the official date of purchase and the model number for your specific Nexgrill product. That way, if you should need to replace a part during your coverage period, we already have your information on file, and we can take care of the requirement properly.

Most components of your Nexgrill have at least a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the original date of purchase.

Keep Your Receipt Pretty Please!

In most cases, your manufacturer’s warranty begins the day that you purchase your Nexgrill. That means it’s critical to keep your receipt, so that we can verify when you made your purchase. If your grill was a gift, then (a) you have someone truly special in your life, and (b) do your best to obtain the original gift receipt with the date of purchase on it.

What If I Can’t Find My Original Receipt?

What happens to your warranty if you can’t find your original receipt and date of purchase? Not to worry. In most cases, we can look up the year your unit was manufactured using two numbers: Your Nexgrill Model # and your Product Serial #. If this is the case, we’ll use the beginning of that year as your date of purchase.

Where to Find Your Model # and Serial #

Every grill we manufacture has a sticker featuring the model number (AKA the “manufacturer number”) and serial number, among other things. You can find that sticker in different places depending on your specific model.

  • If your grill has cabinet doors, your sticker can most likely be found on the inside panel of one of your doors.
  • If your grill does not have cabinet doors, your sticker can most likely be found on the frame by the propane tank.
  • If you have a built-in island grill, your sticker can most likely be found on one of the side flanges.
  • If you have a tabletop grill, your sticker can most likely be found on the legs.
find your Nexgrill model number and serial number

You can also find your grill’s model # on the cover of your product manual. Speaking of which…

find specific warranty registration details in your Nexgrill product manual

Your Product Manual Has Specific Warranty Details

Your product manual is chock-full of tips and information to help you get the most out of your grill–including warranty details for your specific model. To find your warranty coverage information, crack open your product manual, and look for a page that looks like this:

Caption: The manual shown here covers warranty details for Nexgrill Model No. 720-0864M, Evolution 2-Burner Infrared Plus

Can’t find your manual? You can search and download all of our product manuals here.

What If Your Grill is No Longer Under Warranty?

If your grill is no longer under warranty, not all is lost. You can always purchase replacement parts directly from Nexgrill.

Reasons Your Warranty May Be Voided

In some cases, your manufacturer’s warranty may be void. Your manufacturer’s warranty may be voided if:

  • Your warranty has reached its expiration based on date of purchase.
  • Your grill is used for commercial or rental purposes.
  • You place wood or coal briquettes in a gas grill, damaging ignition components and knobs, and blocking the grill burners from ventilation.
  • Your grill was not maintained properly

2 Things Your Warranty Does Not Cover: Batteries & Paint

The batteries used in your electronic igniter are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Batteries are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period.

Also, your warranty does not cover paint loss, discoloration or rusting on your grill parts. These conditions can occur from normal use, accident or improper maintenance within the warranty period.

What If We Cannot Verify that Your Grill is Under Warranty?

In certain cases, especially with older models, there may not be sufficient records to verify when your grill was purchased. Without this information, Nexgrill may not be able to honor your warranty, but we promise to do everything in our power to keep you up and grilling.

At Nexgrill, each new grill model that we manufacture is unique. While all components of your Nexgrill grill comes with a one-year limited warranty, some parts may have longer coverage. If you have questions about your specific warranty, or to make a warranty claim, please feel free to get in touch by calling us directly at 1-800-913-8999, or email us at

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