Daytona Butter Wheel

The Essentials

Roll Flavor into Your Griddle Game

Introducing Nexgrill's Daytona Stainless Steel Butter Wheel: a swift solution for buttering multiple bread slices, buns, or rolls within seconds. Elevate your griddle and grill game with this culinary companion. Place the unit on the griddle or grill, let the butter melt, and then roll the bread over the wheel. Each piece gets a perfect coat, drastically reducing bun-toasting time.

Crafted for convenience, this stainless steel tool effortlessly enhances outdoor cooking. Whether it's buttering buns for burgers, rolls for hot dogs, or slices of bread for grilled sandwiches, the perforated-roller design ensures even coverage. When the culinary adventure ends, the removable design makes cleaning a breeze. Elevate your outdoor cooking with the Nexgrill Daytona Stainless Steel Butter Wheel, bringing both ease and delight to your culinary endeavors.
Model No. 530-17011

Tech Specs