Daytona Griddle Tools Starter Pack - 7 Pieces

The Essentialas

Function First. Style on the Side.

Introducing the Nexgrill Daytona Griddle Tool 7-piece Starter Pack—a must-have addition to your griddle accessory lineup. This comprehensive griddle tool kit comprises 7 essential tools that make griddle cooking a breeze. With this kit, your culinary ventures are set to soar.

Includes the following:
2 - Griddle Spatulas; 1-Slotted and 1-Unslotted Stainless Steel 16 in. Griddle Spatulas; do the heavy lifting
2 - 14oz Squirt Bottles; your flavor infusion companions
2 - Egg Rings; silicone circles to craft flawless breakfast creations
1 - Griddle Scraper; the ultimate stainless steel companion for effortless cleanup and maintenance.
Model No. 530-17002

Tech Specs