Daytona Griddle Cleaning Kit - 12 PC

The Essentials

All The Tools You Need to Maintain Your Griddle

Introducing the Nexgrill Daytona 12 PC. Griddle Cleaning Kit — all the essential tools for maintaining your griddle in top condition.

Effortless cleaning.  Our professional griddle/grill cleaning kit swiftly eliminates grease, stains, and food residue, making your griddle primed and ready to use for your next session.

This comprehensive flat top grill cleaner set includes:
1-Griddle Scraper
1-Stone Handle
1-Scour Pad Handle
2-Pumice Stones
3-Scour Pads
3-Cleaning Screens
1-14oz Squirt Bottles

Crafted from stainless steel and premium composite materials, each tool in this kit embodies professional-grade quality and features comfortable handles. These tools are built to last for novices and pros alike.

A heavy-duty stainless steel Griddle Scraper effortlessly removes debris and cooked-on food. The kit features a handle, cleaning stones, scouring pads, and screens designed for wet or dry griddle top cleaning. The replaceable pads resist clogging and rinse clean for extended use.

Keep your backyard kitchen in order with the Nexgrill Daytona 12 PC. Griddle Cleaning Kit.

Model No. 530-17012

Tech Specs