Daytona Griddle Melting Dome and Wire Rack

The Essentials

Add Melting to Your Skill Set

Step up your cooking game with the Nexgrill Daytona 12.75 in. Griddle Melting Dome and Wire Rack—a must-have multi-functional tool for your griddle adventures. 

The Melting Dome is your secret weapon for even cooking. Its smart design focuses and amplifies heat underneath, guaranteeing perfect bites every time. From proteins to veggies, steam your way to tender perfection.

team up the Wire Rack with the Melting Dome to lift your food above the griddle, ensuring airflow that promises consistent cooking. The dome captures and intensifies heat, while the rack ensures steam reaches all surfaces — think succulent meats, and sizzling veggies.  Rest your protein or veggies on the Wire Rack, add a splash of water beneath, and cover it all with the Melting Dome. Watch the steam work its magic, turning your dishes into succulent wonders.

Kit Includes one stainless steel melting dome and one wire rack.

Model No. 530-17003

Tech Specs