Daytona Griddle Shovel

The Essentials

Turn and Move Food in Mass

Meet the Daytona Griddle Shovel by Nexgrill – your trusty sidekick in the griddle world. It effortlessly maneuvers through every nook, from the edge of the skillet to the corners of the flat-top griddle.  Ready to up your griddle game?

This shovel goes beyond your regular spatula, adding finesse to handling delicate dishes like fried rice, veggies, and hashbrowns. It's the go-to for picking up taco fillings and chopped meats, setting the stage for perfect burrito craftsmanship.

Balancing strength with agility, this griddle shovel empowers your culinary journey with speed and control. Engineered for griddling, it feels comfy in your grip.  Crafted from premium stainless steel, durability is a given, and maintenance is a breeze. No intricate cleaning rituals here – a simple wipe and rinse after your culinary adventures, and you're good to go.

From sizzling stir-fries to tantalizing fajitas, this food mover handles generous portions, feeding not just your family but also your culinary creativity. Effortlessly transfer your gastronomic delights with precision, elevate your cooking, and embrace the art of crafting deliciousness with the Nexgrill Daytona Stainless Steel Griddle Shovel.
Model No. 530-17006

Tech Specs