Daytona Smash Burger Kit

The Essentials

Smash Burgers to Perfection

Smash Burgers have never been easier with the Nexgrill Daytona Smash Burger Kit. This sturdy kit equips you with 4 essential tools that promise to keep you smash burgers for years to come. The kit includes a 4" wide unslotted spatula, a heavy-duty burger press, a stainless steel spice shaker, and 100 sheets of wax paper.  Elevate your smash burger game!  Drop the meat on griddle, lay down the wax paper, smash the burger patty, sprinkle your seasoning, flip your burger and then taste the perfection.  

Kit includes:

  • Smash burger spatula:  14 in. x 4 in. wide stainless steel smash burger griddle spatula.
  • Smash burger press:  6.5" cast iron burger press weighing over 2 lbs.; perfect for beef, pork, turkey, or chicken.
  • 100 burger press sheets:  6" square wax paper keeps your press from sticking to your burger. Achieve burger perfection with juicy burgers, crispy edges, and even cooking.
  • Spice shaker:  304 stainless steel spice shaker with 2.75" face gives you plenty of holes to distribute your spice across your burgers.
Model No. 530-17008

Tech Specs