Daytona XL Slotted Griddle Spatula

The Essentials

Flip, Cut, and Tenderize Anything

Meet your versatile companion, the Nexgrill Daytona XL Slotted Griddle Spatula. Tackle any culinary feat with ease. Perfect for lifting small or substantial grill treats, it's your go-to tool. Effortlessly handle multiple burgers, steaks, or hefty cuts like brisket or pork shoulder—this spatula does it all.

Engage the beveled edges for swift in-cooking chopping, adding finesse to your creations. Crafted from enduring stainless steel, it's your grilling partner for years to come.

After your culinary adventures, simply hand wash the spatula with regular dish soap. Let it stand ready for your next grilling masterpiece. With the Nexgrill Daytona XL Slotted Griddle Spatula in hand, conquer your griddle adventure.
Model No. 530-17004

Tech Specs