Griddled Chorizo Breakfast Quesadilla

  • Preparation
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time
    6-10 minutes
  • Serves
  • Difficulty

Behind the Recipe

A Quick & Hearty Mexican Morning Delight

The humble breakfast quesadilla is a marvel of colonial Mexican cooking, in no small part thanks to its versatility. In fact, its filling options are near endless yet always delicious, satisfying a host of savory – and even sweet – cravings.

Quesadillas originate from the southern and central regions of Mexico, with the initial versions referred to as empanadas. Although filled to the brim with yummy ingredients, the beauty of the original lays in its portability, making it an always-excellent choice to enjoy on the go.

Nowadays, quesadillas are a staple at many restaurants and beloved by households around the world. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a breakfast quesadilla yourself, then rest assured: it’s dead simple!

Our breakfast quesadilla recipe features spicy chorizo combined with fluffy eggs, melted cheese, and some veggies for good measure – all wrapped in a warm tortilla blanket, keeping that ooey-gooey goodness together. It’s as satisfying as it’s indulgent.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a little-effort, big-impact breakfast, fire up your Daytona Griddle and treat yourself to our chorizo quesadilla that’s sure to start your day off right!



  • 4 large flour tortillas
  • 4 large eggs (beaten)
  • Salt and pepper (to taste)
  • ¼ lb chorizo
  • ¼ cup diced bell pepper
  • ¼ cup diced onion
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar
  • 2 tbsp butter/oil
  • Salsa and sour cream (for serving)


  1. Preheat your Daytona Griddle to medium heat.
  2. Whisk the eggs, salt, and pepper together in a large bowl.
  3. Dice the chorizo, bell pepper, and onion.
  4. If not pre-shredded, grate the cheddar.

Cooking Instructions

  1. 1

    Once your Daytona Griddle reaches the optimal temperature, cook the chorizo, bell pepper, and onion together on one side of the griddle until the veggies are tender and the chorizo is cooked through.

  2. 2

    Pour the egg mixture onto the griddle and cook into the chorizo until set.

  3. 3

    Place one large tortilla onto the griddle, add some chorizo mixture to half the tortilla, and then cover with cheddar.

  4. 4

    Fold the bare half of the tortilla over the filling and press down gently.

  5. 5

    Spread either butter or oil onto the top of the chorizo quesadilla and cook until the cheddar melts and the tortilla becomes crispy – about 3-5 minutes per side.

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